Monday, 3 November 2008

This last weekend, Codemasters allowed unsubscribed players a chance to re-visit Middle Earth for free. By inviting them for a free weekend, every player could again give Middle Earth an hi and check any new things out.

I was one of those invited for this weekend. I canceled my subscription almost 6 month ago (a month after Book 13 came out, i think). So, i didn't got a chance to check the latest Book 14. Well i didn't expect to check it in a weekend. Nor did i do it at all. What i checked was the prologue to the new expansion Mines of Moria. Well was easy to do and nice. Still got a chance to wave goodbye to the fellowship while they headed to Mount Doom.
I also happened to check some changes mainly a new way to get equipment from hard instances by simply repeating old Books which would in return give the player a token that could be traded for gear. Dunno if it's a great feature, haven't tried it myself.

Besides that i just went to quest a little bit with my Minstrel Hobbit. Or was it me that was rusted, but i felt the game play a little bit more clumsy and slow than before... Oh and before when i attacked i would play a little song with a guitar (or something) and now i used a flute. I think it now depends on what item we have equipped. Funny.

By the way, this is my little Hobbit :D

Well it was nice to check Middle Earth again, but i think it's yet to soon to make a come back. Norrath is a better place yet! :D
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