Tuesday, 24 February 2009

SWG and EQ2 adventures

After the free week i got awarded in LOTRO, i was expecting to give it a go for a month to check a bit more of Moria. Well i expected...

I end up subscribing Star Wars Galaxies and Everquest 2, neglecting LOTRO for a future opportunity. And i can't say i regret it.
First off, Everquest 2 is getting better and better. Besides the huge amount of content it has to offer (at least to me, cause i haven't seen most of it), a some great news has arrived, which promises some tweaking to melee characters (my favorite type) and a revamp to one of the older zones, Lavastorm.
For more info about this revamp you can go here.
Well, i have yet to get my shadowknight to level 80, and i want to start doing the dungeons that came with The Shadow Odyssey. Also, besides that char, I'm playing with my brother, so there's another character to raise. And not to mention i have others. Yeah, guess I'm an alt-aholic. :P

And Galaxies? Well... First off, I'm a huge Star Wars fan, then it's no big surprise that i play it. But why now? Well first off, i found myself in one of the largest Imperial Guild in Farstar server. Secondly, because from what i seen, the guild master seems to be an excellent person, and he wants to help everyone who are in the guild. Thirdly, i wanted to try the PVP as soon as possible, and for that i would need to get to level 75 (level 90 is the max). So i made an extra effort to get to that level.

And so i did! (Dabofi gets level 75)

I end up doing that day alot of PVP, and being a PVP noob, i end up dying horribly a lot, although my team had some excellent medics, who did their best to keep me alive. I don't have any picture to put here, but i plan on doing it in a near future.
And how does this PVP consists? Well i only tried Restuss zone, but basically it was a city, that was disputed by the two factions (Rebels and Imperials). The story about Restuss, is that the Imperials developed some new technology, some sort of explosives, that would be strong enough to destroy a Star Destroyer, but small enough to fit in a backpack. I have yet to discover the benefits of capturing the city (didn't ask cause i was too concentrated on the PVP). Still it was loads of fun, and different from what I'm used to.
Besides the PVP, i want to get max level to try the different instances, including the one of the rogue Star Destroyer! :P

So that's what I've been up to in the last weeks, and will be for a while now.
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