Saturday, 11 April 2009

Pirates of the Burning Sea

In the last two weeks (and after i finished the trial for Eve), i decided to load up and do the trial for Pirates of the Burning Sea. Wasn't my first trial (i did one before), so i already got the hang for the mechanics.

I consider POTBS to be some sort of a Eve Online on boats. We got a nifty little ship, some odd map to a secret (or something), and we are off. Basics are given in a tutorial, where we learn avatar and ship controls. While avatar is common to most mmo players, ship combat is a different thing. We take direct control of our ship, like speed, direction, weapons and such, we fight other ships, board other ships (or be boarded), etc. It's really something new and is lots of fun. My ship is small, but i can imagine a big galleon, full of canons blasting away. Must be nice. I only hate when i need to get to a target that is like 1000 yards away, and i have to travel against the wind (ain't complaining, it suppose to be like that), missions tend to get longer then expected. Back to avatar fighting, it's all instanced (as well as in ships), so you won't be fighting anyone in cities and places like that (unless we can do it in duel, but I'm not sure).

The game gives lots of quest to help you out in the beginning, some are avatar quests while others are with ships, like escort or sink some ships.
Another aspect of the game, is the economy. While i did but the tutorial, i managed to check the possibility to create some industry, to produce final products to be sold in the market. I haven't seen it much but i expect to explore this aspect of the game, when i subscribe it.
Also the game as a lot of PVP, but i haven't tried it yet. I noticed some talk about hot zones, or something, and port battles, but i haven't seen any. Another thing to check.
Overall, for someone who just did the trial, and have an open mind about MMO (yes because i know people who just play WoW, and think it's the best without taking other games in consideration), i liked it, and something i want to give a try to further the experience.
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