Thursday, 27 May 2010

GU56 Halas Reborn is on live servers

Since yesterday, to be more precise, GU56 was released in European servers. 

This new update us players the chance to start new good or neutral toons on a the new city of Halas. It also brings 2 new raid zones, an updated travel system, Storylines, new quest line in Stonebrunt Highlands plus many other additions. For more info you can always go here.

I've already started my new Troubador, on the new city obviously. Oh by the way, old starting zones, like Qeynos and Freeport, no longer host new character creation. Hope they are doing something fun with them :)

Plan on bring more info and details about this new starting area. One thing i can already say, shame on you SOE, you slacked on new collections... Unless there are something i haven't seen!
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