Sunday, 29 May 2011

Everquest 2 Extended

Being a somewhat long time Everquest 2 player, i was bound to try sooner or later the f2p version of the same, Everquest 2 Extended.

First off, what can a f2p get out of this version of EQ2? Well check out the list here if you want to know. From my point of view the Bronze membership will allow some solid game play out. Experience speaking a Bronze member can reach the level cap, 90, with just the limitation the game offers. I do admit some can be a bit annoying like the bank and gold limits but besides that, it's doable. 
Now what's the trick here then? The fact that you can only use adept gear and only adept spells. This will hinder probably the game play at max level since, first off, DoV rewards are all legendary, so no gear for you. And then all dungeons will require a better geared character, so i guess doing those can be a challenge.
There are several options to break off some limitations from the Bronze member, like buying bank slots or equipment unlock, but that of course, will require some investment.
But if you are interested on giving EQ2 a try, i think this option is a very good one.
Personally i haven't played that much yet, so i haven't noticed any other limitation that could prove hindering. I will try to see how far i can go with not putting any money here.

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