Friday, 3 June 2011

Hold of Rime: The Fortress Spire

I'll be posting the strategies on different dungeons either group or raid from Everquest 2.
Today we have Hold of Rime: The Fortress Spire.

This zone is of middle difficulty. There is at least one hard boss fight but the rest is quite doable. Mind the epics while heading for this named!

Agna Icespear - It's basically a tank  and spank fight, although the name will port on timer. Just wait till he stops porting and get back on him. Mind the frontals and keep always near him.

Dockmaster Jit'coel - Tank and spank, whenever someone is in a ice cube, destroy the cube.

Abelbrown the Bookie and Quanth Coldblade - Have MT tank Quanth when he gets up (80% from Abelbrown health) and make them go steady at the same time to 0. Anyone can tank Abelbrown. Just be sure they are spread away from each other or they will heal themselves. Oh someone be ready to put up 1 plat to start this fight! :p

Bouont Crushingfist - Named and 3 adds, mezz the adds, tank the named. Kill one add at a time while name is imune to damage. If you can take all 3, even better, just burn the adds. After adds, tank named, the named will port to a platform, need to do 3 clickies at the same time to make him come down. Rest just dps. It's the hardest fight here.

Grand Restorer Lingwal - In this arena, there are several platforms all around. Just have your group standing there, while tank tanks the named near middle. Randomly the name will port to middle, tank runs to group on platform to avoid some AoE. Easy fight.

Et voila, this was a fast run down over the fights on Fortress Spire. Grats on loot! ;)
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