Thursday, 10 November 2011

Bye EQ2X, Hello EQ2 Free to Play

Yep another SOE blow on Everquest 2.

Don't know how good or bad this one gonna be, but with the eminent expansion release (and also very little info about or as far as i know testing), they just release information that Everquest 2 is going free to play in a very short future (and even the date isn't 100% even by SOE themselves). Date of free to play release should be around the end of the month.

More info here.

And also the, for me infamous now, membership grid, can be checked here.

And also, a FAQ is here.

Will this be a good thing for Everquest 2? Well with the eminent release of Star Wars The Old Republic, and the prospect of yet loosing more subscribers to another game, maybe opening EQ2 to the f2p crowd, wont be a bad move. And from what i've heard, EQ2X server, Freeport, was full of players, so i guess this means more servers even more players. Only question for me remains, for us, long time subscribers, what does this mean? Will we get the same game as always, or will there be some tricks to pocket even more money from our pockets? I sincerily hope not...

More info to come.
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