Monday, 18 March 2013

The Secret World Issue 6 goes Live

The Secret World must be one of the most underrated MMO game in the market currently. Maybe it's because it doesn't feature the typical kill 10 rats quests or the typical rush level up to cap level and start doing end game. Maybe it's that... Personally, I admit I haven't played as much as this title would deserve, do the reasons mentioned on another post, but in any case this game really deserves more attention.

In any case, the latest issue (you can call it latest game update) is out. Issue 6, The last train to Cairo, features Indiana Jones style questline (from what I've seen on the video) and also Indiana Jones weapon of choice, the whip. Besides that, there's a new raid and a revamp on the PVP system (damn those armors on the video do look great). Also there's a new system for veteran players (for those that subscribe the game, because you aren't obliged to subscribe it), that offer nifty cosmetics and other stuff to players.

Watch the video:

Talking about subscribing. For those that aren't subscribed, to get this Issue you will need to buy it at the games shop. The price is around 10 euros (1200 funcom coins), but if for any reason you decide to subscribe the game, I think from what I've read, you are awarded enough points to buy this Issue with no further expense.

Time to go play it. Queue up the Indiana Jones main theme.
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