Friday, 26 June 2009

Lots of mmo lately

School is over. More time for playing and trying new things.
This month as been quite a full one, mmo speaking. Besides Everquest 2, Age of Conan (which just recently both of this got big updates) and WoW, got a free month of Vanguard and Star Wars Galaxies, and 15 days of Pirates of the Burning Sea. Without mentioning i got in Aion closed beta :D.

For Vanguard, recently it was released the latest update (Halls of the Pantheon) which gives players lots of goodies:

Feature Details:
200 new quests
1000+ new items
2 new flying mounts
Choose your alignment and reap the rewards
Find out the truth behind the schemes of Kamelott
Become a god warrior and unlock the way to the Halls of Shattered Souls
Craft enhancements making them more powerful
Craft god armor
Craft a unique epic weapon for each class
New item mods
New resistances
Level Increase
New level cap is 55
95 new abilities
Spell crafting added
Item levels increased
New crafting related quest series

For Star Wars Galaxies Game Update 11 was just released, featuring:


* Empire Day: We're bringing back the event from last year and have added many new features to ensure it is as exciting if not more so, than our past three events. Enhancements were made to the entire event from last year.

* Bounty Hunter: In this update we have changed Carbine expertise line to effect both carbines and pistols. You will find that deadly strikes now effect pistols as well. We have made changes to allow Relentless Onslaught to work with pistols.

* Community Requests: Introducing the ability to wear backpacks with all Jedi robes. In addition to this update head-wear can now be worn with elder Jedi robes.
* And many other changes.

Beside, this two games, which got some nice loving from developers, Everquest 2 and Age of Conan got also some love recently.
For Age of Conan, update 1.05 came to live servers during this week, and features the following changes:

Check it here (due to long list of changes. It's huge, really!)

And for my favourite, Everquest 2, european servers finally saw live the latest Game update 52 "Monument and Might"! This update brings lots of new content, like a new single group zone, a new raid zone, lots of new Kunark overland quest, the now famous Research Assistants and many other changes.

For more detail on the update just go here!

Seems alot of love has happen for these games, just hope they continue like that way. I will continue playing them!
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