Monday, 12 October 2009

Again back, after some time...

Again i'm back since my last posting in past June. Not that i wanted to, but due to some lazyness i end up not posting anything. Fun or not, just didn't posted.

Well i'll gonna start it again! Actually in the last month some mmo's came out, but i haven't tried any, but i'm feeling really interested in Fallen Earth. Huge play world, interesting crafting, sort of sandbox game, are some of things i've read about it, so it is giving me some curiosity. I'm also considering doing some sort of dairy to it, in case i start playing it. If i do so, i'll shall leave some link here.

Also i'm starting a trial to Final Fantasy XI, just to see it at least once.

Besides that i'll keep posting some nice info and such. Happy gamings!
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