Thursday, 15 October 2009

Star Wars Galaxies, what's happening there?

These last few month, while i was absent SWG saw a release of a nice amount of updates, most with really nice additions to the game.

First, August 10th, 2009:

Game Update 12 Engineering Trader

This update brings lot of new stuff to Engineering Trader profession. Besides that, it adds a good amount of droids (to be used as pets for combat, crafting gathering etc), a new cybernetic update for characters (simply put it, like Luke and Vader got their cybernetic arms, we can do that too, not just arms), a new dungeon for the legacy quest line, and some other updates.

Second, September 30th, 2009:

Game Update 13 Star Wars Chronicles Master System

The first time i've heard about this update, i was sceptic. The idea is to give players the ability to create their own quests and content. I was sceptic because, if i'm paying for the game, i should have someone developing stuff for me, not players but the game's responsible team. They have access to game's mechanics, codes and the stuff, so they should be more resourceful... Well i still have that idea, but i feel like i'm enjoying this update afterall. It's nice to be able to create your own Star Wars ideas, and put them on action. Create your own epic journey and let others enjoy it. Ok not that epic, cause the system has is own limitations.
How it works? Well first off, you need to get relics. And what are those? Relics are not more than the objectives you can add to your quest. They can range from the simple go to location, to kill a boss in the latest instance. You acquire them by killing npc, so for instance if you are killing rancors (that big creature Jabba as in a jail), you are bound to get relics with objectives regarding rancors (like killing them or getting stuff from them). Also relics can be deconstructed to make new types of relics. Not happy with this relic objective, deconstruct it, get fragments (10) and make a new one. Pretty simple.
After getting the relics, you pass to the quest creation phase. Simply open the window quest build, add your steps (up to 6), modify them to your taste, add a juicy reward and voilá create it. You can also do a draft to be able to test it or finish in a near future.
My only remark on this system is the way to make quest get to players. The only way i know is in the bazaar, and it can be annoying to browse all those quests to find one you like. Simply put, you sell your quests. So imagine having 100 players doing 10 quests here, all with the same name (my quest name)... You have to scroll and check all thos to find one that fits. In my opinion, quests should be delivered to an npc in each planet, that would sort them, tag them, and give it to you accordingly to your level, profession and other choices..
But after all it's a really nice addition to the game, and i'm enjoying it.

And third, October 12th, 2009

Game Update 14 Death Troopers

This update was a kind of suprise to me. I was expecting it, but not this soon.
The action resolves in some mistery regarding a new disease that is spreading in Dathomir. The zone is in quarantine and we are sent there to investigate. I've played just a bit, but the best remark i saw so far was "Star Wars meets Resident Evil". And it feels like it. This update is really interesting, and so far i'm liking it. I'm still going through it so it's too soon to say much about it.

So it seems that SWG it's still breathing and going nicely. It's also expected a new update soon that will revamp the GCW (Galatic Civil War), so i think the game will stil go on, at least until the new Star Wars game comes out.
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