Monday, 28 February 2011

EQ2 Tower of Frozen Shadows: Shadowed Corridor

Shadowed Corridor, was the first zone me and some guildies tried to. Without knowing any strategie we just ventured to this zone, for some fun and kicks. Apparently the Tower of Frozen Shadows, is split in several levels (dungeons), that in the end will give you access to a x2 zone. From what i remember, cause i made this zone like 5 days ago, fights are interesting and with some stuff to do if you don't wanna wipe miserably there. I liked also the design of this dungeon, and the library where the last named, it's just fabulous.

Back to each name we fight. Well there are 7 name fights. Taking the order we did them (if i recall):

First named:  Xalgoti, mostly tank spank, has some memwipes. Easy fight with a good healer, and tank that quickly grabs name back

Second named: Alvik the Cold, there is a stove to boil water near the named, you need to use the water when he starts shouting. You have to be very quick on this. He does it at 75%, 50%, and 25%. He heats at an alarming rate. Can have one or more persons doing this job, one is enough tho.

Third named: The Armored Presence, i think at 75%, 50% and 25% he spawns armor pieces, just kill them fast or they turn to be adds.

Forth named: Sergeant Schriber, this one is tank spank but you could use either a messer/rooter to stop adds getting on him. If they reach him, they will heal him alot. Another strategie is to kill the adds then kill the namer. Do as you see fit.

Fifth named: Vethilot the Corpsemonger, this one will start spawning adds, every time an add dies, he gets a buff. Kill the adds, when they die, you must right click and destroy them. You MUST be very very quickly.We didnt do this guy, can be skipped.

Sixth named: Spectral Librarian Emiida, well you will need to keep on dispelling her, and if you have classes that can throw up stuns, stiffles etc, keep them also doing that job. Worked for us..

Seventh and last named: Tome of Ages Past, didn't do it.

Fights require some sort of a script but can be easily learned. Overall it was a cool zone, ok maybe because it was new, but i liked it.
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