Monday, 7 February 2011

A few month later... And Rift also!

Yep been a while since i last post... I know, i know slacking. But i've been a bit busy with lots of stuff going on (lots of schoolwork, even silly schoolwork).

But anyways, i've been checking somo mmo's lately, including the prominent Rift.

Yeah, i'm on the beta of Rift too. And so far i liked it. And no, i haven't pre-order it yet, i'm still thinking on it tho.

Well, the game plays like any modern mmo. Typical quests, go here kill this, go there grab that, go that other place use this. Typical quest rewards, experience and loot. Standard gear, with settings for the game.

Graphically, game is above bar, well done and clean. Crispy graphics, well done and fun to look at.

Gameplay, also again it plays right. Can say plays almost like WoW .

The main difference here is that the game is setup by 4 different archtype of class, much like Everquest 2, Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, Mage. Each as several souls (classes) it can follow, but each toon can take up to three souls. So lets suppose you wanna be Fire mage, but you want to be a necromancer too. That can happen here. It's a nice feature, that i kinda like it.

But the best thing in Rift, are those Rift (taken from the name itself). A rift is a portal to other dimension, that will allow creatures to pass by, and attack Telara (Rift's world). They work much like public quests, from other games (Warhammer for instance). Basically its open quest, that everyone can participate as long as you stand near the rift itself. It's a set of stages that must be done, and that in the end, if all goes well, will result with the closing of the so call rift. There are several rifts going on, so it's just a matter of choosing where to go. Sometimes, when you do the objectives of a rift related quest, a final boss will appear in the world, and its up to the players to stop it. Most of them require raids to stop it, and its a great change of pace from the regular quest grinding.

Crafting works like most skill related crafting systems. Get mats for recipe, do it, get skill up. Nothing to brag here.

Overall its a good solid game and should give some fun for a while at least. I'm only worried that in the future it will be another WoW with public quests included...

Note also, all im saying here is from what i know, i might be giving some wrong info tho.
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