Friday, 5 August 2011

EQ2 Iceshard Keep

I've done this zone already a lot of times, but i think it's still useful to put off some info on it, for future references.

It's the first zone from the three in Kael Drakkel. The other two are, Throne of Storms and Temple of Zek, which i intend on giving a few strategies on them.

This zone, compared to the other 2, is easier, but still have some names that can give to some troubles, to less geared people.
The map of zone is marked with a number referring to each named. Note there is no specific order on names.

As soon as entering the zone, we will face the first named (1) Krindem Sigmundr. Until few time ago, this named had some knock back, which would need to be tank at a corner, by entrance. But since it was removed, it can be straight burned out.
Proceed in but be careful, at top of first stairs. There are 2 guards standing, and on each 2 patrols that can be easily missed. Pull the guards, if you can avoid the patrols first. Giants can be mezzed or charmed.

Proceeding in, go for named (2) Sjurd Randskeggr. It will stand on top of a platform. You can use the elevator to get it, or simply do a pet pull if any available. The named itself is a standard tank and spank fight. I assumed you cleared all giants in rooms before pulling names. ;) Shard chest is in this room between barrels.

Going back now to named (3) Grundr Kolfrodr. The room of this one, is the same as the previous one, although the fight has a small difference. When fighting the named, he will spawn on ground some embers, which everyone must stand clear of it, before they go off, or they will hurt, and in some cases even kill one or two. Besides that, nothing more to had.

The named (4) Vilmen Riggandr, can present some difficulties to some tanks. First off is advisable to tank it between beds in the room, to avoid the massive knock back. Secondly the named will be constantly doing some memwipes, so it will probably present some problems at times. Those are the main concerns for this fight. Also the key mob rooms this room, between two beds (* symbol).

Halkon Tormax (5) is probably the hardest named fight on this zone. It's set with 2 adds linked, that will need to be killed before named. The issue here is the great amount of damage on tank if less geared, and the big power drain that the group can suffer. Also there is a random teleport on a member that doesn't seem to give much problems. I usually tank it below the weapon rack and ask the group members to stand by the table chair in front of me.

The last named (6), Praefectus Kriegr is a slighter easier fight then the previous one. First off be sure to tank the named at some wall to avoid knock backs. Then during the fight, the named will pop adds. If you have good dps, just burn out the named, otherwise it's better to kill them or they will buff the named and make your job much harder.

And that's about it, zone itself can be done really fast, if with a high dps group, but still has a lot of trash that needs clearing. Be careful pulling trash, cause giants are social, and you can easily have an entire room on you if you badly pull one giant.

Hope you have fun doing this zone! :)
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