Thursday, 25 August 2011

Game Update 61: War of Zek Live Today!

Today is release the latest Game Update for Everquest 2, 61: War of Zek. It features the following:
  • All dungeon and overland loot items have been re-itemized. I think with the exception of Sentinel's Fate gear, all other gear from 20 to 90 had a face wash, to go up in scale with the latest expansion, Destiny of Velious.
  • A new dungeon and a new Raid to continue the journey past the Citadel of Drunder to the Plane of War.
  • New dynamic dungeons. These scale to your group between levels 60-90 and are designed as new single group heroic content that’s more re-playable. 2 will be out on this patch, and depending on players reaction we might see more in the future.
  • AA revamp on the sub class tree. Tree will work now similar to shadow tree, which means, you need to have a certain amount of points on first line to get to second.
  • New crafters AA tree. Yep go farm AA for crafting now!
  • House rating. You can now rate houses for their decoration.
  • Many stats will no longer be capped. Stacking stats, like casting speed, will allow you to have a small chance on spell double attack. Many others are also changing
  • Fae and Arasai will now fly!
  • Etc.
Can go read all about it here.

Things to be aware. AAs will reset. Tier will get unattuned,  i think even those in bags. Also equipped gear will get unadorned. Not sure about gear in bag tho. So when you first log, give yourself time re-do your AAs and take care of gear. Don't go fight naked!!

In any case, should keep me busy for a while to check the new stuff! :)
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