Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Everquest goes Free to Play

Yet another title going to Free to Play. And this one i was always convinced it didn't go cause of aged the game is for most players. Even recently i told a friend i wasn't expecting Everquest to ever be Free to Play. Guess i was wrong. :)

But i guess SOE must have a different idea, so they decided to release in March, Everquest as their next title in Free to Play. You can check the typical free to play matrix right here.
It should follow the same formula as Everquest 2, with the slight difference that apparently there is no gear use limit (unlike Everquest 2, where a free to play user can't use the legendary and fabled gear). It still offers some limitations, like the AA cap for a free to play player is at 250, or 1000 as silver. But overall doesn't seem bad, but time will tell.
Now, next in line is Vanguard going Free to Play. That would be great news!
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