Wednesday, 22 February 2012

SOE strikes again!

And this time it's really bad.

Not happy with way things are, SOE decided it was fun to allow some weird named German company to manage EQ2 and DC Universe over Europe. As a result the Berlin wall is coming to EQ2 DC Universe, in the form of separating US and EU players. Yep, with this change no US server player will be able to play in EU server and the EU players if they want to play in US servers, they must have toons there, and pay a second subscription of the game, or else be left alone in the EU server, with a couple of other players.
Some other changes are also in place, like having to create a new account for this new company(i think they call it Alaplaya), also having to get a new currency and god only knows what's coming in the marketplace. Wouldn't surprise me if they would sell gear in the marketplace...

The announcement is here.
And the community reaction goes here.

All i can say is that, there are plenty of fishes in the sea, and if this is what SOE really wants i don't have any problems in quitting this. Rift never looked so good as it does now!
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