Monday, 5 March 2012

Aion Free to Play

This news is a few days late, but it seems only fit i should post a bit about it.

Last week, on 28 February, Aion got released on Europe as Free to Play. So, any with curiosity, like me can give it a try. I have tried it myself already, but I'm still too low to make any judgement of the game. I can however say the first few levels feel a bit dull... But that's most of a problem with most games nowadays. Just run about doing quest. Then there is the fact that everyone says Aion is grind game, really grindy. I wonder how bad is that? :)

Anyways, f2p aspect so far, i saw players selling 30 days gametime in the world chat, so i guess that's allowed. Of course it's not for real money, but in game currency. Besides that, i checked the item shop, and i believe the main income from the shop, is not that bad. They are betting on items that reduce the time one can re-enter a dungeon. So let's say you have this dungeon you can only do it once a day, with that item you can re-enter it again. Can't say it's a bad idea, at least doesn't affect me as a free player. But i will look further in.

More to come! Stay tuned!
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