Thursday, 3 May 2012

My top mmo's for April

So April is gone and now it's time for me to say what was for me, my top mmo's of the month.

Well suprise or not, first place is taken by Star Wars: The Old Republic. Update 1.2, Legacy, made the game better to me, with addition of the Legacy system, new flashpoint and new operation. Either of these additions are fine, and the operation seems really interesting (i really like the boss fights). Also some changes made, allows me to tweak my character a bit more (only gear wise, but it's an improvement). Sure, it might be still a bit light content wise, but if BW keeps throwing up meaningful content, the game will go on tracks.

Second place, Dungeon and Dragons Online. I haven't played as much as the first month i was on it, but this game as been proving interesting. Sure I'm not really new to it (i did like a ton of trials when the game was p2p), but it took time for me to actually grab on it again. The game is very entertaining, the gameplay really refreshing and being f2p is actually quite playable, if you can work out building up points to grab new adventures from shop. Sometimes it just feels i don't have much options to play with, being f2p, but overall it's ok.

Third place, LOTRO. LOTRO's fifth anniversary, bring some game events, and i decided to give them a go. Manage to get on main all the mounts from this event, and in between played a bit of it. Being a lifetime subscriber i always give it a go for time to time, and for now I'm checking.

Finally, Everquest 2. I've been playing less and less this one... The new update didn't build on me and the way it is, i have a feeling it won't work much. Silly inflation on gear, due to a 2 level increase, smaller end game with just 3 dungeons (with normal and challenge mode each), 3 raid zones, of which only one has a fair number of names (9 i think, with 3 challenge version), and with the fact that each zone just uses the 3 different layouts available makes it rather dull after a while. Sure for those who love the game is a good addition, but i have a feeling this won't last long and in a near future people will be bored again. I for once, might just jump off the boat. And the Prosiebensat stuff isn't helping it.

Finally, i did Diablo 3 beta weekend. I wasn't planing on getting it but after it i changed my mind. I did enjoyed Diablo 2, and this reminds me a bit of it, so i gonna give it a go on the 15th this month!

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