Thursday, 19 April 2012

Updating the game!

On the last two weeks there been some content release for some of the mmorpg on the market. For some games, much needed content was released, while others are just events but worth mentioning. So let's see...

For starters, Star Wars The Old Republic got finally released game update 1.2 Legacy. 

As i posted before, this new game update brings the now famous legacy system, a new raid, a new dungeon,  new battleground, some new dailies quests and plus other fixes. Also on last sunday a event started (can i say the first SWTOR event?), which puts players exploring a crash of a ship in Tantooine, which carries the Rakghoul virus. The event boosts several dailies, which allows players to gather specific tokens to get pets, weapons crystal (to change the color of the lightsaber for instance), and some other small stuff. Also there's the fun ability to spread the virus between players by simply hoping one dies and explodes miserably near other players. Overall, for me, with this update and event, i finally manage to log more often in SWTOR.

Everquest 2, finally saw released last tuesday (US) and wednesday (EU) Game Update 63: Skyshrine. 

Also I posted about it, this game update, works almost as a little expansion (even Age of Discovery is so bland compared to this update). It brings a new landzone, increase level cap to 92, prestige points system, more then 100 quests (either adventure or tradeskill), new crafting stuff, new dungeon maker stuff, etc. I must admit I'm curious about how this will affect on me, because to be honest i have been loosing interest over Everquest 2. Will this bring me back to it? Time will tell.

Lord of the Rings Online is celebrating it's 5the anniversary and an event is ongoing. 

This event is much like any other event that's happen over the years in LOTRO, boosting dailies that players can do to gather tokens, for either appearance items, house items or mounts. There's also an amount of deeds to do, that will give players new titles. Also each player, depending on their account age will receive one or several gifts, which may include, appearance gear, consumables or in my case for instance, some sturdy keys to open locked boxes.

Although I'm not currently playint it, Rift saw yesterday released 1.8 update: Infernal Dawn.
All i know is that this update brings a new raid zone, 2 new tradeskills (fishing and survival), guild finder (for those who like to jump between guilds :p ), leaderboards (i guess this is wanted...), and some other changes and/or fixes. I haven't checked this out so i can't say much, about it.

Other games got some content released, like for instance Aion finally got to 3.0, but not for the euro servers.  Betweeen other, I know it's expected an housing system, new instances, etc. I'm not talking much about it because i know this game very little. Euro update is expected to be released in May.

Champions Online (On alert) also got some massive update, but I'm not playing that so i can't tell much, except what I could read from the main site, some system update (statistics changes and other stuff), added an alert system (sort of events), a new currency to the game (questionite) which allows players to trade for gear and/or for cryptic points that can be used in the game store, and some other big changes, that i can't tell much because as i said before i don't know the game.

Overall, I guess that's enough content going to keep fanboys of each of these games happy for some time now.

Oh and by the way, Legend of Grimrock got release!

What? It's not an mmorpg? No, but it's seems so damn fine! If you are an old time player as me, and if you recall games like Eye of the Beholder or Dungeon Master, this one can be the next great thing. Dungeon crawler game meets 2012 graphics, but keeps the fun gameplay as before. Game as been praise by several players already so i only expect this game to be awesome. It might even take me off mmo games for a while :)

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