Monday, 16 April 2012

Everquest 2 Game Update 63: Skyshrine

It's expected to be released tomorrow the new game update for EQ2.

This update promises to be more of a mini expansion with several adding features, mainly:
- oddly increase of level from 90 to 92 (adventure and tradeskill);
- new prestige system (which in my opinion is yet another AA tree);
- new overland zone to explore with more then 100 quests;
- new dungeons that can be played either solo, group or raid;
- new dungeon maker stuff;
and other stuff added.

But the level increase seems to be the most odd. There are several reasons for this, one being the fact that zones that before were hard for some players, with the 2 level increase will probably make them easier for everyone. Another, might be because of the new prestige system. This system, on contrary to AA will not work as experience you gain that gets converted to AAs. Instead, a player gets 1 prestige point, for each 20% experience made from 90 to 92, making it a total of 10 prestige points one ca make. This new points work much as new features you get for you spells, like having a spell that can instantly a cooldown of another, when you cast it - although i haven't see much about it, except for Coercers, and those are a bit underwhelming :(. Also notice although it's only 2 level increase, they say it's expected to a player to take longer reaching those 2 levels, then before, so i guess they step up the experience curve.

I also heard there is like 2 new dungeons, but i can't confirm it at this time. If that's the case it's expected to either be like Drunder, where each dungeon have like 3 versions inside with different mobs and names, or if not, then its like each dungeon will have one version for solo, other group and other raid. But as i said i don't know anything about it, so it's pure speculation.

The new zone will probably be a good addition to the questers out there, with more then 100 quests will probably keep players busy for some time. Ah yes, there will be new gathering nodes, but if you have your trusty gathering horse, you can use it to gather. But of course he won't get rares, so you have to work for that.

I was curious about the tradeskill apprentices, because i heard there would be new recipes, but don't know if you need a new sort of colossal for it, or if the max tier one, Colossal Reactant would work on new recipes. All i heard the new crafting gear was kinda uber, but again haven't seen it myself. Edit: News flash, right after posting, i found this about the topic.

I expecting this update to bring back some of my lost interest over the game. 6 month with no noticeable update, and also the fact that my slacker guild is loosing focus on raid, made me got tired of the game. Might work a bit, but time will tell. It's a big enough update, to keep players busy if they are into the game.
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