Thursday, 12 April 2012

First day of SWTOR 1.2 Legacy, first impressions

Is this what SWTOR needed to start kicking? Well in short yes, BUT it still feels somewhat short, at least on the legacy system. Still it's only first impressions.

The legacy system so far is offering a few mimics, most of which i do believe roleplayers will love. The most notables offerings, i think, are the ability to add stuff to your spaceship like training dummy, mail or auction house. But you can also unlock races to play with specific classes that before you weren't able to, get some legacy abilities, or even social animations. It's expected on 1.3 to increase further in the system with the unlock of abilities to enhance current skills. Also another fluffy thing, is the ability to create a family tree with all your toons on the server (either republic or imperial) by defining who is what in relation to each other. So for instance you can have a toon that is married with an alt of yours and they got a child which is yet another alt of yours. I guess this is fun for roleplayers. Overall, the system at first feels a bit short but time will tell.

The new flashpoint? Haven't seen yet, but my brother did, and he said it was quite hard compared to previous flashpoints, so will check it soon.

The new operation, on the other hand, is proving to be fresh and challenging. The setting is on a planet Denova (hence operation Denova) and it's called "Explosive Conflict".
From the official site:
"In 'Explosive Conflict', a brutal battle between Imperial invaders and Republic-backed mercenaries has come to an abrupt end, with both forces swearing allegiance to a powerful warlord. Neither the Republic nor the Empire will allow such a betrayal to stand, and that's why you and your allies must travel to the planet of Denova. There, you and your groupmates will have to work together to battle some of the greatest threats in the galaxy, but you will earn powerful weapons and armor as you progress."
Word of warning, there's a bit of trash between bosses.
We only did two fights, and one kill, onde the normal mode or storymode. Fights prove to be harder and more challenging then before, even for an 8 man group. First fight was compose of two bosses, Zorn and Toth, and basically you need 2 tanks for the fight, each tank grabs a boss and takes him far away from the other. The idea would be to have a balanced group of tank, healer and dps for each boss. The trick is that, every once in a while Toth will jump to where Zorn is, and when that happens tanks will have to swap targets. Be aware that Toth will always jump to Zorn and that's the queue for tanks to swap to the other boss. And keep in mind they have to be spread apart, and really spread. After both bosses die, a 3rd one appears but it's really easy. At storymode, drop was Rakata based.

The second boss is yet another 2 boss fight as you can see on this picture. Yep, we are fighting tanks!  
Again split the fight in 2 groups. From my point of view, i'm tanking the right one, and there are a few things to do. Whenever the tank gets 2 beams focused on him have 2 melee each grab one beam, when the beam dissapears each melee will receive some debuff and huge damage, so have them away off the tank. Besides that every once in a while, and this is from what i've saw, some adds will pop below some protection and each group should go there and kill the adds. Mind that you don't destroy the pillar that is support of that protection because the boss will be throwing some electric pillars all over the area. I, for once would stay off that protection and dodge any pillars. We didn't killed this one but we got as close as around 30% so it's a matter of going there again and kill. The strategy isn't that great but it's what i recall.
Overall the new raid seems good.

Finally the new quest area, sets foot on Corellia. Basically after winning the planet, the empire is abandoning it! Gasp! Well I'm not spoiling anymore :p but i do hope they give more consistentance to this new area of quests cause 5 dailies or so feels short, unless you wanna grind daily commendations. Oh and also if you do all dailies at least once a week, you get also the new tokens that also drop from the raid zone.

I'm not a pvper so I haven't checked the new battleground, sorry!

Some other enhancements been made to the game, loot wise and class changes, but thats expected on bigger updates.
Overall it's good but still could be better, just hope Bioware puts it on track and starts releasing content fast and of quality. And by the way, BW/EA are giving a free month to any one subscribed with a level 50 toon, woot!

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