Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Star Wars The Old Republic 1.2 being released on servers tomorrow!

It's planed to be released tomorrow, 12/04/2012, the 1.2 update for Star Wars The Old Republic.

This will be the first major update for the game, and will boost besides others, the Legacy System, a new Raid, new Dungeon, new battleground and new quest zone.

Some other updates are expected but the major thing on this patch is the release of the Legacy system. From what I've learn this system will allow players to customize further in their game, with a list of unlockers such as races being able to play classes that before we're locked to them, or adding mailboxes or auction house to the spaceship or even adding new special abilities for their own characters. I don't really know much about the system itself, but there are several posts going around the internet talking about it. Or check this video.

Overall I'm expecting this new update will bring more action to the game. Having all raid content farmed and without anything else to do makes me feel rather dull. 
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