Monday, 25 June 2012

DDO: Menace of Underdark is out!

Almost forgot this! I haven't been playing DDO in the past few weeks but this might bring me back in again!

I don't have the expansion yet, so I'm not expecting big changes for me as a f2p player but i will give it a look in the near future. I hope that when i get the expansion it will work much like other expansions in LOTRO. You get it and you are entitled to everything on the expansion either you are a f2p player or a subscriber. 

Anyways, what to expect on this expansion? 

  • 3 Forgotten Realms Adventure packs 
    • The King's Forest 
    • The Underdark
    • The Demonweb 
  • Epic Destinies Levels 20-25 
Can read more info here!

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