Monday, 16 July 2012

Star Trek Online: Season 6 is out

Well it's out for like 4 or 5 days already. But still it's fresh.

I've been waiting for this new season (call it major update if you like, much like an larger game update for EQ2, from my experience).
One of the features it brings is the creation of fleet (guilds) starbase. From what I've played of it, each fleet must do a series of project missions(like gathering stuff), to handle for the station that in a way it will allow the  starbase  to level and gain several benefits for the fleet. A player can, depending on the project, give crafting materials, duty officers, weapons and/or dilithium to help progress each event. In return they will receive fleet credits (a new currency to the game) which eventually can use to buy later ships and other stuff that are unlocked to the fleet. This feature in my opinion is the biggest for this new update. Of course there are others

Other features are, new max level events, that will also contribute fleet marks (another new currency) for the fleet projects. For instance one event, "The no-win scenario" pits a team of 5 player defending a solo space freighter against increasing number of enemy waves until eventually they fall or "if possible" reaches the end. Each successful wave will give each player those marks.
Another feature, it seems, is the introduction of new enemy race, the Tholians. Haven't seen it myself, but from what I've read at STO blog there seems to be a new planet at the Eta Eridani Sector Block that will allow players to zone into this event. Must check this.
Also some Foundry updates. Foundry is the player created content thing which i never used so i don't know anything about it except that it isn't working that great till yesterday.

Although i like the starbase stuff, i was hoping to see a addition of new STF (dungeons like version of STO), but apparently there is none, which is big letdown. Still i haven't explored as much as I wanted, so I will give it another run down and check it again.

Worth the update for the starbase event, the rest isn't as fun at first sight.
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