Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Paragon system for Diablo 3

The latest "surprise" for Diablo 3 came yesterday with the new Paragon system. I was going to swear someone at Blizzard reads me, and adapted my ideas i gave on my last post about the game.

So, this Paragon system basically will add 100 more levels to the game, that players will be able to gain after reaching the normal level cap at 60. Each level will give the character the normal stats as it would when the player levels up, plus 3% magic and gold find. 
I'm expecting that this new levels to be quite hard to get, since the first level players will already be asked to get around 7.000.000 exp and the final level will require the nice amount of 322.000.000. I think, if I'm not mistaken to level from 59 to 60, it's needed around 2.400.000, so you can have an idea the amount of experience and time needed to reach the cap.

Can read more about it here.

I think this will "hide" a bit the usual boring hunt for items with some extra purpose for players. Will it bring more players to the game? Doubt it. Will it bring old players back? Some. It's not about what's wrong with Diablo 3. The thing is that there is too many games to play online, and not many players are willing to take their time to grind constantly for items.

This system is going live tomorrow, 22-08-2012, on 1.04, in Europe, along with the legendary items fix (the new legendary items seem really cool). The update is already live at US. Can read about it here.

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