Thursday, 11 October 2012

I've slacked on posting again...

I slacked again on posting stuff here, and i missed posting something about the Guild Wars 2 release and such... I do hope to fix it on the next few days.

Personally I'm back on playing Rift and waiting for the new expansion, which most probably will be awesome. Finally did my first raids on it, and am running everyday some dungeons to get some more pieces of gear and Planar Attunement experience before the release of Storm Legions in November. It's been great fun, with lots of stuff to do everyday. And from what I've heard, there's been good feedback for the new expansion. Also is expected a pre-expansion event and update that will change everything to ultimate the preparations for the release. I can only say I'm enjoying my time in Rift.

Also, beware those damn indie games bundles, they can be really addicting! Or!
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