Monday, 15 October 2012

Riders of Rohan is live!

The Fellowship goes to Rohan and this time they have warhorses! I could put it that way.
Riders of Rohan, is the 4th expansion for Lord of the Rings online, where it takes the players into Rohan, home of the horse lords. Expected, as usual, with this expansions, are new zones to explore (they say Rohan is quite big), lots of new quests, 10 levels to go through (level cap raised to 85) and new items to discover. Would be pretty much regular standard except for the introduction of combat riding. Yeah, apparently Turbine developed a new gameplay for LOTRO, where players use their rides (which are new, nothing to do with the regular mounts), and use them as means of fighting. Now I haven't seen much about it except some Turbine made videos, so I don't know much, except that besides being a new sort of combat, players will be able to level up (or something), skill up and gear up their mount of choice. Meaning it's yet another thing to level. I think it could be interesting, will have to dig up. 
In any case you can always go to the official site of the expansion right here.

My only issue, is that it's been a year since Rise of Isengard (3rd expansion) was released. A year gap between 2 expansions, specially when both give 10 more levels each to players, i think it's a bit much. It's really a shame, because there is a ton of content from 1-75 that many wont ever touch (me included). Sometimes i would like to find a group of players that would rather play mmo games to enjoy the game, and not rush it to cap level. I wont  be rushing into 85 anytime soon, and funny thing I only reached 75 (Isengard level cap) a day before Rohan got out. So I'm gonna keep myself exploring a bit more before getting into Rohan and it's warhorses.
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