Thursday, 24 January 2013

ArchAge to be published by Trion for western users

This are interesting news. For a few months, last year I followed curiously the development of ArchAge, since being a sandbox mmo, it really caught my eye. To be fair, I'm still yet to have a true sandbox mmo experience, and I regret I've never happened to check Star Wars Galaxies pre-NGE. I know there are some private servers for it but I never tried it out. Maybe ArchAge will change it. From what I've seen it does have nice ideas, like the house building, seen here:

But back to the news itself, this is also excellent news for western ArchAge fans. Trion been one of the few mmo companies, that grew up to a point that is overall well respected by the community, much due to their excellent work on Rift, their flag title. The work they've displayed at Rift, makes in my opinion an excellent company to take this game and put it available for western audiences. All bounds well for ArchAge. Now release it already! :)
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