Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Star Trek Online first expansion is live

Well for two days now. And yet another expansion that I will probably barely look at... I say, it's getting way out of hand the number of MMO games out there and expansions and such. Rift going f2p, to join my huge list of games I already have an account, and now this new expansion, I better just call it and quit...

Anyways, this new expansion brings a new entire faction to the game, Romulans. Also, it improves the Klingon faction, I think to make it more PVE friendly. There are other features, most noticeable the increase on voice overs, new and far better tutorials, better UI. This was what I've been told about, by a friend. Eventually there will be new ships based on the new faction, and also new reputations to work out.

In any case you can always read more about the expansion here.

I assume I will be creating a Romulan character, and hopefully it will level up even if I use only the Duty Officer system (free experience with no work - if they didn't nerf it). Dunno if I'm gonna bother doing much quests. Quests are getting old developers... 
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