Thursday, 2 May 2013

Where's the Dragon?

Like two month ago I've posted something about my newest TSW character, this time a Dragon born. I also mentioned I would be posting something while playing with it, but after that, and past over this two month I didn't post anything. I did play with it but wasn't as much as expected. He is still on the first area of Solomon Island, but nearly done there.
So resuming what I did with it. I picked the deck of skills Maverick that uses Pistol and Blade. This is a starter deck and is easy to complete. After that I picked another deck, Polarizer. Why did I do instead of just developing first the two original weapons (getting the advanced skills)? Because of the Ninja deck. So lets see, the Ninja uses Blade and Elementalist, so I pick the Blade from Maverick or Polarizer and the Elementalist from Polarizer. That way I can quickly get to that deck with the minimum of skill and abilities used. Obviously, I will still have to raise three weapon skills instead of one, but that I think won't be much of a problem.
So far I haven't noticed much difference from Illuminati side for the Dragon, except of course the conversation with NPCs from our faction, quest resume when you finish and a slightly adaptation for the class quest at rank 3. It's the same quest from Illuminati but has some differences.
I did played a bit of PVP too, but I think since I'm so low skill I probably hurt more my team then help them. I do get a boost at stats but I still have poor gear to play it properly. Need to get better quality level gear before venturing on it again.
I haven't looked much on crafting yet. I did that on my main recently, basically just to upgrade all the materials to the highest I could. I can say that is a daunting work... When I say upgrading, I mean, let's suppose I deconstruct a quality level 1 gear and get the base material out of it. To upgrade it I need 5 of that base material to make one of the superior rank. There are like 5 or 6 ranks, being Pure the last. And there are like 4 types of material (Fire, Water, Dust, Metal) and 7 runes (Yggdrasil, Wheel, Trinity, Denkyem, Pentagram, Wedjat, Lu). One can imagine the work it gives when there several of each type to transform...
As I said before I'm almost done on this first area, but it's taking a bit longer because as with my first character I'm considering doing every quest at least once. Otherwise I probably would be on the second zone by now.

Sometimes I wish I would spend more time on the game, because recently a friend took me to check some of the dungeons and the art graphic on some were quite nice, not to mention some of the fights were interesting to try out. And to be honest it's not hard to get to get where I want, just a little time.

LittleLamb Dragon will be back on this space again.
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