Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Micro transactions in WoW and Ingame Store?

Recently a friend told me he heard somewhere, Blizzard was going to introduce to WoW an in-game store. At first I was a bit skeptic because I thought it wasn't much necessary for a P2P game. But also because Blizzard had for a long time, a browser store for the game, it just wasn't inside the game. Then again this isn't much exceptional, but it's interesting because this could open the doors for some micro transactions for the game.
Update: After looking around I found also this about ingame store.

Now I strongly believe WoW won't be hitting F2P soon, if ever, but after I've read this at Gamespot, I just don't know anymore. Is this the beginning of WoW F2P or is it yet another cash grab for Blizzard?

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