Monday, 2 September 2013

Absence of posting, here's why

In the last month and a bit I've I haven't been posting much or nothing at all. To be honest I haven't stop playing MMO games, but I haven't been playing the usual games, like Rift or TSW. Actually I've found myself again, giving a try to Eve Online (yep I said again).

So it went like this. I have an account for Eve since 2009 I think. The thing is I only played it for like 2 month. Not that the game is bad, on the contrary. I want a sandbox MMO and Eve is probably the best option at the moment. I just, back then, didn't had the interest for it as now I do have. And back then I think I was still playing World of Warcraft. 
But recently I re-activate that account, and started a new character. This time, however, I took the miner/crafter path. Why's that? Well, as most will know, one can maintain an Eve account with in-game currency trading it for the PLEX. PLEX is like a monthly sub that players can put up for sale, in exchange of in-game currency. And being miner/crafter is probably the safest (and maybe easy) way to do that. Of course going low security systems would net more profit, but also brings a lot more risks. But, being miner, will mean you have many hours of endless mining grind, which can also turn out to be quite boring for some. 

So for a full month I've created a character, that went that path. Although I was still far from goal, of getting a PLEX sub, I did about half what's needed to get one. So if I'm correct most can get a PLEX sub after 2 months subscription. Of course, this won't be sustainable in the beginning, so my safest bet would be subscribe the game for like 6 month, and get as much ISK (Eve currency) as possible. Afterwards, I assume it can be affordable to keep up using PLEX. I did a lot of mining and crafting, but to be honest, the first month I think it's more profitable to just mine and sell, than to craft stuff. Eventually you will find blueprints (recipes) that are affordable to produce, and generate more profit. But if going this path, initial month the best bet is mining.

Also, is known, that elder Eve players, manage to have multiple accounts running, just using PLEX. That being said, and due to a nice sale at Greenmangaming, I end up getting my second Eve account, getting this package

The price was 75% cheaper, plus with a coupon code, it went down to 4 euros. And I created a 21 days trial account, plus that, it gave me a total of 51 days playtime. Curiously, although I got that pack, I end up first trying exploration, but the return profit was very low, so I end up going to combat. Although I didn't played much on the account lately, the overall profit, was lower compared to the miner character I created previously. There was however an added bonus item on that pack. The Prototype Cerebral Accelerator can be sold to other players for about half the price of a PLEX. So I end making some money on that account, not thanks to combat but mostly to the prototype.

By comparison I think mining will be more profitable for starters but will also be the most boring to do. Eventually one will want to combat otherwise will not last long playing the game. But if you don't mind enduring sessions of mining, it should not take long until someone get PLEX subscriptions running on their accounts.

My sub is now off, but I plan to get back to my miner and re-start working on my PLEX goal.

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