Thursday, 21 November 2013

The slacker returns...

It's been a while since I've last posted here. Frankly I haven't been playing any MMO recently, except for small periods of time whenever a given MMO released either a new content update or an event is going on (like Halloween on Rift). I've been a bit tired of MMO and decided I should take some time off it.

But did this pulled me out of gaming?
 No... I end up going through single player games in Steam, like Witcher, Borderlands, Deadlight, some Heroes of Might and Magic or many others (my backlog is HUGE). Even end up playing DOTA 2 (and i hated Mobas, specially League of Legends, due to it's rather unpleasant community).

Recently I acquired through Steam, Defiance game. And now, yesterday I found out that the newest Lord of the Rings Online expansion, Helm's Deep, is out. While I never got much into LOTRO, again, this pulled me some interests and I might dig it up a bit. That and continue playing Defiance, which doesn't seem to be a bad game. Sort of Borderlands online.
Also the tenth Everquest 2 Expansion is out, Tears of Veeshan. I already skipped the previous one, Chains of Eternity, and although I considered give it a try on this new one, there's something holding me back. Well for one, is the really bad F2P system it has. And I'm not really in the mood to fork out 35 euros to an expansion and still have to pay the subscription.
The Secret World issue #8 is out which brings some new content stuff. The augmentation system, which from what I've read it's something related to upgrade your skills, and scenario system which I really don't know what it is yet. Just wondering, do I need to buy this issue to access the augmentation system? Probably will find out quickly today.
I could go own, with the stuff that's been out lately, since I last posted regularly, but I rather try each MMO again and post out the differences. Could be interesting to see how they progressed since I last played them.

In the meanwhile, Steam is at my top choice for gaming. Huge selection of games, and if you are smart enough you can get tons of games for a bargain. Also I leave you this link here from another blog of mine if you happen to have interest with Steam.
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