Monday, 30 March 2009

Eve Online: An extended trial

During this month I've been playing mostly EQ2 and an extended trial of Eve Online.
Taking the fact of the recent release of the newest expansion (Apocrypha), i decided to give it another go (since it's not my 1st trial). Mostly on any of the trials i did on Eve, i basically did the tutorial and a bit more, so for a start, with this new expansion, i got some changes.

First of, and even before starting the tutorial, we need to create a character. Change number 1, creating a character is now more straightforward. Before we had multiple options, like race, sex, bloodline, ancestry, career, specialization, school, and allocate free attribute points, leaving the new player abit overwhelmed. They eliminated choices that had no effect on the player whatsoever and moved these choices to a more appropriate time where you could make an informed decision. You are in charge of your destiny. On the other hand, before when we started the game, a new character would have some skills already trained(800k), and now it starts with around 50k. But there is a training bonus. It's up to the player to pick up his best route.

Once inside the game, time to start the tutorial. Also the tutorial is now changed and it's more intuitive and faster then before (and the rewards are nicer :D ).

Finally, the last thing i noticed which was added, was the epic mission arc. Basically it's a set of missions, put together, with a storyline, that puts players in the universe of Eve. It's a very good way for a new player to start.

From Eve Online Apocrypha EPIC MISSION ARC
"Spanning multiple regions of space, this all new mission arc will take players on a journey through all four empires, starting at character creation. As the story progresses and the rewards grow more enticing, pilots will be faced with the decision of which side to fight for in the final battle."

(One small note, don't leave the mission for too long, or you end up failing. I did took to long to get the mission, and the agent just shoved me up and i can't seem now to continue it)

Also, there is now a skill training queue, which enables player to queue up skills to a limit of 24 hours training.

Overall finally i'm starting to like Eve Online, and this changes only maked it better. Probably i will subscribe it.

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