Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tabula Rasa: End of Transmission

It's always with great sorrow, i see a mmorpg closing doors. It's like seeing a world full of adventurous, just closing down and no one else can come and look at it again. Or like, seeing the final minutes of Star Wars Episode 6, and realizing i won't have any more new adventures to see.

This time it came to Tabula Rasa. I know that the game had many flaws, like not enough high level content, any real PVP since there was only one faction, the fact that the production was too expensive (they had to remade it twice), or even by the reason that the game's father, Richard Garriot, left it just too soon. Maybe those were the reasons for it to not succeed, or maybe it was just all a financial situation (can't argue with all the crisis going on). But it's just a shame it didn't go anywhere.

From what i've played (ok i had a few free months to play but i didn't take cause i felt the game was going down, so i didn't wanted to waste much time), i found it to be fun mmo with a shoot'em up twist. I manage to get around level 25, did some instances, and had some quick blasts (the Bane attacks on bases were great fun). And with a good group i think the game would be even better.

Oh well. As they say: "Tabula Rasa i salute you! Farewell!"

One last tranmission.
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