Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Everquest 2: nearly 80

Besides playing Eve trial, i also have been playing Everquest 2, proceeding on my epic quest of getting my first level 80. My shadowknight, dinged 78 this last weekend, making it more two levels to go to finally achieve the ultimate goal.

Well I am taking longer because EQ2 is a game that alts is as good as playing with one char. It's a game for alt-aholics. And i admit it, I'm an alt-aholic. I have like, 4 chars besides the SK, that are all around 40 adventuring and 40 crafting. It's very important not to forget that crafting are also 80 levels like adventuring.

But lately with my Sk I've been doing some shard runs with guildies, so eventually when i ding 80 it will be possible for me to get some shard gear, which will save me some work. To get shard i need to do quests (even if the mobs are gray), and with quests come xp, so I'm leveling all along. Can only be good.

EQ2 is becoming a very impressive game, with lots of offering to players (it's not just raid you know), and it seems to me that is becoming more popular. I can only suggest to anyone to try it.
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