Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Hit 60 last night on my mage!

Yay! Took me like almost 2 weeks to get there but I got it. Now follows the next plan of work:

- Keep clearing the quests for achievements and possible decent rewards;
- Start working on those factions reputation up to get better gear and recipes;
- Doing zone events for currency and Hunt Rifts for rewards and reputation;
- Keep working on those achievements and the backlog achievements from Rift classic;
- Work the last of my professions out, and start making some platinum out of it;
- Rise fishing (-.-) and survival, which are low;
- Start doing instances, to gear up for expert version of them;
- Raids? Well dunno, maybe;
- PVP? I enjoyed doing PVP from 50 to 59, but I think I will have some issues now at 60. Will see;
- Dimensions whenever I feel I need a different change;
- And many other stuff to do...
There is enough to keep me busy for a while now that I'm 60.

By the way, as soon as you ding 60, be sure to do the quest you receive through the mail. It's really fast to be done and you end up with a nice epic necklace.
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