Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Secret World goes B2P!

Like Buy to Play, same as Guild Wars 2. This came to my attention thanks to a friend.

I always had my high hopes that I would see The Secret World as free to play, guess this is a second close by. By Buy to Play it means that any who buys the game, is entitled to play it without having to pay a subscription. Subscription will still be there as an optional and those that opt for it will be entitled for a few perks like experience booster, bonus of equivalent value to 10$ to be used on the in-game shop and discounts on the shop. There should be other bonuses but so far this what I've read here.

 Me and a friend of mine been wanting to give this game a go, but since it was subscription based, it became a no go. Also because I am already paying for Rift, wouldn't be a good idea to pay a second one. This change is really welcome for both of us, and maybe soon we will give it a go.

Last note: apparently future content will be available only if you buy it through the shop as a free to play player.
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