Sunday, 16 December 2012

Is Asheron's Call 2 coming back?

I never expected to see a come back from any dead MMORPG, specially some that been gone for quite long, like the case of Asheron's Call 2. But in some unexpected way, I found out today that Turbine opened some Beta server to people go back and try it (?) or is there a second intention to re-release this game.
There is however a small issue. Apparently, only a person with a current or previous active account with Asheron's Call will be allowed access to this new beta server. But if this means that on the future there will be a chance of playing this game, well I wont say no to the chance. I never tried this game, and would be an interesting opportunity.

This post here is where I found more info. Also I found this other article at Massively about it.
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