Wednesday, 14 November 2012

24 hours after Storm Legion release

I'm not a power leveler. Nor i do want to. So I'm still standing proudly at level 50, half level to go. And I'm enjoying the expansion so far (well it's expected, it's like newly weds).

Few things, new things, i noticed so far:

First thing, the new mech forms. I was playing with a friend on my warrior, still on one of the old zones (Stillmoors) when i saw this item to use (Gift of Machine, if i recall it). So i went and used. Suprise! Was turned into a big mech with new abilities. It's a fun little thing they add to the game (i suppose there will be a lot more during the new zones). This small video shows a bit of it.

Other things, are the new carnage quest, which is nothing more (at least from what I've done so far), then a kill X amount of mobs. You kill one that triggers the carnage quest, and then you have to kill a few more to complete it.

There are more quests that are triggered from using items on the floor. This is not new, but i believe it's Trion idea to change the way that quests works on themed based mmorpgs. Instead of getting to a quest hub, grab all quests, go to spot and dot them, you will be picking them up as you progress through the map.

Also, don't bother looking for crafting trainers at the old main city. They won't give you the new rank of crafting (which now goes to 375 skill). You will need to look for them, at the first big city you get in to in the new zones.

I also noticed that gear now improves by using some special items. So i suppose there won't be much item switching as before. Just need to get those special items and use them to improve your items. (Also, not all items are improvable I think). This item can be obtained by either questing, dungeon or merchants. Here is a small example:

There is also the onslaught quests, from Ember Isle, where one defends waves of planar creatures. Typically 20 waves is enough to complete it.

Also, apparently, there are 2 starting points. So you either pick Dusken or Brevane. And you progress from there. I don't believe there is a pick up point, for Dusken, if you pick Brevane for instance. But I could be wrong. Guess it's nice when you have several alts.

Anyways, back to Rift!
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