Friday, 16 November 2012

What a full week!

Besides the release of Rift and Everquest 2 expansion, and the change to Free to Play for Star Wars The Old Republic, there were other games that offered new added content.

For starters, The Secret World Issue 4 (which is update 4), came out this week, which brings a raid (in New York!), a new auxiliary  weapon type (chainsaw), PVP updates, Albion Theater (a sort of sandbox for theater  players wannabe or something lol), and much more. All the information on the update can be read here. The Secret World, is one of those games that i really want to try but i can't afford more then one subscription game at a time. And also from what I've heard, TSW has one of the most expensive in the market...

Another game, that saw a introduction of a big meaty update was Star Trek Online. Season 7, the title of the update offers a new faction, (the New Romulus that boast new quests, persistent zones and missions), new reputation system, new fleet action, a new ship highlight (in the shop of course), and other changes. More info can be seen here. Here's the trailer:

Finally, SOE seems not to be sleeping these days. Besides Everquest 2 on last Tuesday and next Tuesday (20/11) Planetside 2, they also released a large update for Vanguard. This update brings the latest high level zone for level 55 players, City of Brass and a new raid zone. Some other minor fixes and marketplace changes can been read here.

Boy, this has been a full week indeed!
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