Monday, 26 November 2012

Big event fails!

Tonight, on my Rift server, Icewatch - Eu, there was going to happen this event, which apparently was the first time. I can't recall the name, just the HUGE final boss Volan. Some of the members in my guild were quite excited about it, so I decide to give it look. Well the boss did look great, but I didn't saw much of it (apparently there is a phase where everyone is jumping around or something). All I could get was this picture (bad one) of him.

He is there in the middle, hard to see...
Nevertheless, a few minutes later the event just crashed out and got reset... So much for beta testing and such. By the way, these events ARE "power hungry" on your machine, you might need a kickass machine to see this in full glory. I just can't. :(

Hopefully next time will be better...
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