Monday, 19 November 2012

Everquest 19th(!) expansion, Rain of Fear

Wow, i didn't knew it. I just completely missed it. I knew SOE was going to do yet another expansion to Everquest (that will the 19th!), but I wasn't expecting to be right now. Kinda missed it... Yeah apparently it's coming out on 28 November.
SOE seems to be really working hard lately. Everquest 2 expansion out, Vanguard update, Planetside 2 coming on the 20 November and Everquest expansion on the 28 same month. You guys keep pumping out stuff like that and I really don't know what to try. :P

Anyways, the features for this Everquest expansion are (drum rolls):
- Level cap from 95 to 100;
- Hunt system (hunting special mobs for rewards);
- SHINIES (collections like Everquest 2?);
- Moar spells (1800 or so);
- Progressive armor (dunno what's that, seems the armor progresses from tier to tier - guess it's the new vogue, Rift also has something like that);
- More AAs (550 of them);
- Raids, zones, quests;
Etc, etc, etc.

More info can be read here.

Anyways, it's always nice to see a game as old as Everquest still going on, and every year giving more to their subscribers (or f2p players if you are one). Even if I barely play it, I sometimes don't mind logging at it and just check how things are going. Don't mind the graphichs being old, it's a great game to get lost in.

I can't seem to find a trailer for this expansion, so here is a long video about the expansion back at SOE Live 2012 (sort of Fan Faire).

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