Friday, 9 November 2012

November is growing up

From 13 of November to 20 of the same month, there is going to be a lot of new activity with some MMO's and also a new one joining the club.

So let's see. On 13 of November, the first expansion for Rift, Storm Legion is being released. 

A typical level cap increase to 60, new souls for each archtype class, new a much (MUCH) bigger zones, new events and new ways to play the game, housing with dimensions, and much more it's what is expected with this new expansion. All info can be read here.

Also on the 13 of November, the 9th expansion for Everquest 2 will see it's birth.

Expected as much is a level increase to 95 (the game level was set at 92, on one of the last big game updates), new prestige abilities, new continent, dungeons and quests. Also, there is the introduction of Spirit Stones which is like new adornments that will grow with experience (some sort of legendary weapons like LOTRO?). More info here.

On the 15th, Star Wars: The Old Republic will go finally to free to play. This will allow most players to try the game, without worrying much about paying it. Hopefully this is a good change for the game. Here is one hoping it does. All the information about f2p model can be seen here.

Finally, but i guess, the most important of the bunch, is that on 20 of November, Planetside 2, will see be available and ready to start. Personally I know little about either Planetside or this second one, but i did played it's beta for a bit, and enjoyed it. Mostly it's a first person shooter, much more tactical, with a big team play (i guess there can be hundreds of players in the field), and mixed with tanks and aircrafts and you have a big battlefield going on. And since the game is persistent, should be interesting to see players fighting over planets and such. The game offers some character progression but I believe it's not as deep as most mmorpg out there. The game really does look great and from what I've played it was really enjoyable.

Well for me, I bet I'll be trying to dive myself on these enormous battlefields. At least sometimes. Besides that, I'm really hoping for the Rift expansion. The SWTOR change, it's welcomed but time will tell if I'm gonna be seen there much. For Everquest 2, well won't be going to it soon I'm affraid...

Overall good stuff incoming...
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