Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Everquest 2: Demitrik's Bastion

Another run on some new zone from Sentinel's Frontier expansion.

Last night we setup a group, to go to Demitrik's Bastion, a level 85-90 zone (although i would sugest having some players at 90). First thing i noticed, is that the layout of this zone, is exactly the same as the layout of the roekillik (the rats) inside The Hole zone. So if you are familiar with that zone, you will know a bit of it. There are some differences but with some searching it's easy to get the hang of it.

The zone is composed roekillik, golems, flying ozes, flying ghosts and 5 names encounter. My group setup was a SK (me), Warden, Illusionist, Wizard, Conjuror and Swashie.

First name encounter - Shirinu, Tirini and Protector Ghondu
Before doing it, be sure to clean all the flying ghosts (Phantom watchers) around the named (which is non-aggro to the group). After that you can engage the name. It consists of a group of 3 mobs, 2 of which (Shirinu and Tirini) are stone skin while the group kills Protector Ghondu. After Protector is done, burn as fast as you can each of the other two names, before they summon back Protector Ghondu. If you have enough DPS you can do it in one cycle, but if not, just make sure you kill at least one of the other two, and then kill Protector Ghondu again, and get the last named after. Get loot :)

Next name encounter - Schteek Tavinos
It's a cool flying horsie with a rider, also non-aggro.
This named, is harder then the one before. There are some things to be aware of. When he say "Back off!" (about every 15 seconds) he does a high-damage 360° knockback.
When he says "Feel the touch of plagues!" he casts a powerful curse. All the players standing in front of or below him will experience a 3-level reduction and a 50% melee hit malus, so it's important that you make sure that only the tank is the one taking this curse.
Casters and healers should stand ranged of it, with a wall to the back.
Kill it, get loot :)

After this encounter, we went for Coercer Pittles and Shroombis the Coerced
Another double encounter. Again Coercer Pittles will be stone skin while we kill Shroombis the Coerced. The name just gives away the main ability of Pittles, so when the Shroom dies, Pittles will emote "Pittles the Coercer protects herself from harm while looking for another pet." For a few seconds, she is immune to damage. When she finishes casting, she charms a group member (usually the tank). Just cure the curse, and burn it down. She can do it multiple times, depending on DPS. Open the chest :)

The second funniest encounter on this zone is Nayt the Grate Keeper
It's a big golem, which is rotted down on the end of a trench. From my experience, this one hits hard on melee :p But is harmless to range. So if your group is mostly range you can kill it easilly on range. But it's not a burn fight. Every 10% he will emote something like "Nayt the Grate Keeper laughs". A few seconds later a boulder will fall down the trench, killing everyone who stands around it (well i think if you have enough health you might survive it, i did :p). So when that happens, just run out of the trench. If you manage to do that, the boulder will actually hit the name itself doing some damage (3% i think). When the named reaches 10%, he will port all the group to him, so be sure to be fast on your finger and get it out asap, cause besides he might instantly kill you, a boulder will be down soon. Unlock chest and loot!

Finally last name, Demitrik himself.
It's a funny fight, a bit long, but nicely created (can become annoying after a few runs tho :p). Demitrik has a companion, a flying bot which heals him. To kill Demitrik, you need to make sure this bot doesn't stant next to him healing him. For that you need to use wrenchs to make the bot fly again. Whenever the bot comes close to the original position, besides using wrenchs on bot, Demitrik will be ported to it, and every damage done will heal him, so make sure you stop your DPS when he is there (pets included). Besides that, keep doing until you bring him down. Done and loot :)

Congrats you finished the zone.
I liked the zone, has some nice name fights with some nice scripting. Overall good.
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