Friday, 9 April 2010

Everquest 2: Erudin Research Labs

From now on i will start posting some info about some of the new zones available in Sentinel's Fate that i have run. Note that what i post here is from my point of view.

Yesterday evening, me and some guildies decided to make a run to a new zone that i haven't done before, Erudin Research Labs. Our group setup was: me - level 90 Shadowknight, lvl 90 Guardian, lvl 90 Warden, lvl 89 Wizard, and a lvl 83 Illusionist. Not a very usual setup, considering it was a level 90 zone, with some tricky names npc. There are 7 names in the zone, 4 of each are a sort of beam handlers that fight exactly the same way.

* Beam Handler Pin'Tannil
* Beam Handler Polla
* Beam Handler Ran
* Beam Handler Val'Kinad

Have tank, tank it at place, and every few seconds, when an announcement comes, have every melee run away from him, cause he will blast a shockwave that will give curse that kills after a bit. Do that until 30%, at which the name will put some stoneskill, so to handle that, there is an beam which be needed to be turn on, and it will come to the middle of the room. This beam will throw some lightining, so you will just need to bring the named, over the lightning and finish it off. Just don't forget the joust that shockwave.

* V'lad Olkeen

This one is tank and spank. The only thing, is that from time to time some flying gnomes will come down, and blast when they reach near you, and will make you fly away. Just control your character, to make sure you don't fall down the cliff.

* A Fully Functional Deathgazer
Tanks spank with fears. That's about it.

* Taranis Gazerra
This one was a bit harder then the rest of the zone. We wiped a few times here, but i believe if we had a 6th member it would be alot easier. This named, when engaged, every few seconds (dunno if 3 or 5), will throw himself a buff that will reduce damage for, i think 8%. But around the room there are several pillars, that will reset this buff. So you need to throw in the most dps possible, before using the next pillar. Besides that, he also fears the tank, so make sure you are crouched, or else you will run away and might activate other pillars. I think it does throw other stuff but i wasn't aware of it. Also make sure you are away from the cliff, or you can end up falling down over it because of fear :p

Overall it's a good zone, with some challenge, but nothing that will put groups off it.
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