Saturday, 17 April 2010

Everquest 2: Vasty Deep - Vestigial Cella

This last friday, i've setup a group to one more zone available with Sentinel's Fate expansion, Vestigial Cella. Until now this is the most challenging zone i've made, and my group wouldn't probably succed it wasn't for the fact that one of the members knew the challenges and what to do.

The group setup was, me (SK), Warden, Inquisitor, Wizard, Swashie and Troubador (which switched for Coercer on the last 2 fights).

There are 6 names on the zone, and it's a fairly small zone, map size. Not much trash, but still some to clean before each named.
First named, Wight Specter. Before doing it clear all wisps around him, or they will add the named when you fight it. Easy tank and spank fight, nothing much here.
Second, Ecto Malgum. Again, clean all the wisps and adds around named, unless you want company. Tank it at the alcove, by the bones. Tank spank, easy fight.
Next we have Chrystasha. It's a big spider, which will come after you kill a ton of small spiders, in the room (sort of a ring event). Yet another easy fight, only thing to know is that named as knockback.
The next named, wil be slightly harder then the previous three. It's an encounter composed of 3 names, linked. They are Judithaina, Kraitenae and Lilithania. Mostly it's a tank spank fight, but you need to make sure they all die almost at the same time, cause apparently (can't confirm it cause we made it as supposed to), after you kill one they will hit harder. Also they have small knockback. We killed them at the same room as the 3rd named.

Now the last 2 names were way much harder.
Secratiata, is the next fight, and like the one before, it's a linked group with some named snakes or something (can't remember). The challenge here lies in 1) group hits hard, 2) at 10% Secratiata, will stone skin, so you have to kill adds and 3) when you kill one of the adds, it will spawn tons of adds, making the fight even harder. The idea is to, again make sure that the adds die around the same time, and when the last add dies, Secratiata will loose the stone skin, and you can burn her to 0. It was at this point that our Trouby switched to his Coercer, which made all the difference.

The final name, Queen Gwarthlea, herself is easy. The adds she spawns on the other hand, are a "nightmare" if you don't have a good chanter (i don't agree that much to have zones that can only be done with a specific setup, but then again, if you want challenges, i guess that's the way). Queen stands in her throne, and in front of her there is a small stair which leads to a pool. Have your group standing inside the pool. Queen herself is rooted, and will sometimes move a little. By the end of the fight she will be inside the pool. When Queen reaches near 90% a dragon will appear and buff up the group with a ton of health and some other buffs (i was with 130k health hehe) Note - If you die, when someone resses you will come without this buff, but i don't know if dragon casts it on you again. At 90%, 60%, 30% and 10% Queen will stone skin and 5 names will come around pool and attack the group. If your chanter is good, he will quickly mezz these adds, and you will kill one by one (make sure group targets thru you). By the way, no AoE :), unless you want to wipe. These adds hit like trucks and if not properly mezzed, they can easilly kill the group. So just repeat the process at 60%, 30% and 10%, and if you have an inquisitor as me with Inquisition, you can always skip the last 10% :P

After this zone, i finally finished my Epic Reprecurssion quest and got my 2 new mythical spells (i will post it later).

It's a very nice zone, challenging enough, can be a group killer if not properly setup and played, but with good players it can be a breeze.
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