Friday, 16 April 2010

Everquest 2: Marks of Manaar

Marks of Manaar are the new currency now available from The Sentinel's Fate. Much like Void Shard from The Shadow Odyssey, these new tokens alow players to trade an certain ammount of those by a specific gear piece.

To get these tokens, there are several ways of doing it. Most common way of getting Marks, is by doing any dungeon at level 90. All these dungeons will now give at least one Mark per run. Old TSO zones have been revamped to level 90, so they now give a Mark at the last named chest. New SF zones will give 2, one from chest (locked, need to get key for it), and from final named drop. Old TSO zones will continue to give Shards from locked chest. Also each zone will have a daily mission, SF dungeons give a Mark as reward, TSO zones will give a Shard.
Another way, is by doing some daily quests. There are, for my knowledge, 2 daily quests that give Marks. One is in Paineel, solo quest. Another one, some players can solo, others don't, it's done inside The Hole. I personally usually get an healer to help out.
Besides these, i know there are some random quests that gives away some Marks, but i don't think it's something very significant.
The gear available from these tokens are available on 6 npcs, 3 on Paineel and 3 on Moonfield Hamlet. Paineel npcs will sell level 85 gear and yellow adornments, while Moonfield Hamlet will sell level 90 gear and some appearance gear too.
I hope in the future some new options for those tokens will be available because so far i find them a bit to limited.
Happy gaming! :)
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