Monday, 26 April 2010

Everquest 2: Spirit's Resonance

Spirit's Resonance was one of the latest zones i made from Sentinel's Fate. It's yet another zone in the Hole, level 88+. Name encounters are 5, some of which were a bit hard on my poor SK.

Group setup was me, Illusionist, Templar, Guardian, Wizard and a 6th member which class i can't remember now...
As soon as we started we got to first encounter, The Possessing Spirit of Kyrenna. Before fighting named there are two Minotaurs that are need to be killed. Those Minotaurs will die once and ressurect as an enraged version which also memwipe. After they are down, The Possessing Spirit of Kyrenna will be up for fighting, not much hard afterwards, adds are worse.

Next encounter was Al'tuur the Handyman. Nothing much except mob will heal if not DPS'd down fast enough when he's under 25%. So save your cooldowns until then.

Researcher Jal'Dea's Restless Spirit came next. I turned off some portals around it, not sure if they were worth for something. We just tank spank, wasn't an hard fight...

Next came Tyrid Pyreflame, this one was the hardest on the zone. Each 25% the named the name will get full health and switch form, so at 75% it will switch form and get to 100%. It will happen next on 50% and finally on 25%. On last transformation, it will also spawn lots of adds, which must be either tanked, mezzed or killed. Since we had an Guardian, we opted to get adds, tanked by guardian and killed. Hard boss.

Finally Nortlav the Scalekeeper. I found this fight funny. After we engaged the named, a few seconds into the fight, one group member will become disembodied, and Nortlav will take on the appearance of that player.While the rest of the group continues to fight with Nortlav, the affected player, who is now in spirit form, must go to the back of the room and kill 3 waves of books that spawn on the book shelves in the center of the room. If the books are not killed or any reach the rest of the group, they will summon a set of larger books on the rest of the party that have tons of hitpoints, and plenty of damage to boot, which will be very difficult to survive. It can happen to anyone on group apparently. Once we even got healer on that job. Dunno if it happens to tanks also. I found hilarious cause the player who would got disembodied, would start spamming some random quotes some of which were really funny. I even thought that one group member was asking to make a run to Blackburrow. :P

Was a nice zone overall. Nice named fights, not much annoying trash, and good loot.
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